Supporting the technology sector is crucial to Canada’s future

hootsuites-owl-mascots-are-shown-in-the-companys-cabin-theme Although encouraging, Compass labelled Canada an under-performer, highlighting numerous obstacles we face in becoming a serious global technology leader. While competitive in talent and market reach, financing and the maturity of our ecosystems remain a problem.

As technology has become the key to global economic prosperity, Canada has a choice to make. We can sit idly by allowing foreign technologies to transform our economy, and displace millions of jobs in the coming years, or we can nurture, fund and grow our technology sector to build industries that supply innovative products to the world.

With the federal election campaign underway, it is crucial that our politicians address how they propose to transition our economy from one of hewers of wood and drawers of water, to one based on creativity, science and technology.

Author: allthenews

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