Chris Brown & Nia Guzman Custody Hearing: Date Set To Decide Royalty’s Future


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Chris Brown, 26, is heading back to court! But this time, the “Post To Be” rapper is preparing to go head-to-head with his baby’s mother, Nia Guzman, 31. The two can’t come to a custody or child support agreement for their daughter, Royalty, 1, and now, the courts will decide their daughter’s fate, has EXCLUSIVELY learned.

Let the games begin! Chris is tired of Nia digging in his pockets for gold. The singer wants to provide is daughter with adequate child support and is now relying on a judge for help. “We have a hearing scheduled for Sept. 11,” Chris’ Family Law Attorney, Bo Nichols, reveals in an EXCLUSIVE interview. Nichols added he’d much rather see the two parents settle their dispute prior to that date. “When it comes down to it, Chris and Nia are the ones who are responsible for raising Royalty,” he says. “The more people involved, the more complicated it gets.”

Author: allthenews

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