#YesAllWomen! Young Mom Protects her Baby From Intruders with Gun

WonkaRapeGunCulture-Meme-1024x1024 Hillary Clinton wants to make it harder for women like Semantha Bunce to protect themselves. Here’s the macro-point: people like Hillary Clinton want to deny women like Samantha their most basic human right; that of self-preservation. Despite what the movies tell you, the only way for a woman to be able to protect her home and kin against men, is with a gun. Stripping her of that God-given right, in any capacity, removes her ability to sovereignly protect her own life. It can only favor the criminals. Because saving the lives of innocent young moms, or masked, armed intruders…

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Author: allthenews

Fight For Your Freedom Of Speech. Fight For Your 2nd Amendment. Fight For Your Rights. No More Political Correctness

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