In Texas, the largest of Super Tuesday’s prizes, Clinton hopes to secure her fate

At Hillary Clinton’s campaign office here, supporter and actress America Ferrera listened tearfully as a handful of young Latinos who had been brought to the United States as children spoke of living in constant fear of deportation.

African American and Latino surrogates have blanketed the state. Former president Bill Clinton has made frequent visits to Texas to support his wife, including a stop to kick off the state’s two-week early voting period in border towns including Laredo. And the candidate has locked down nearly universal support from state and local political leaders, which is a key advantage in Texas’s more rural communities.

After her landslide victory Saturday over Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont in South Carolina’s Democratic primary, Clinton is trying to assume a sheen of inevitability as her party’s presumptive nominee. And no state is better suited to help her do that than Texas, the largest of 11 states that will hold Democratic nominating contests this week, on Super Tuesday. Here, she is looking for another sizable victory over Sanders — this time, to prove her ability to win big among not just African American voters also but Latinos and whites.