“…Reagan decided to focus on economic issues first and foremost.  In February 1981, he sent to Congress what some political scientists called some of the most sweeping revisions of budget and tax policy ever attempted. The cornerstones of his plan were an across-the-board tax cut and an effort to reduce the size and growth of the federal government.”

Trump’s Make America Great Again economic proposals of cutting taxes, reducing non-entitlement and non-military spending (the “Penny Plan”) and increasing military and infrastructure spending are similar to what Reagan proposed but substantially larger.”  Full article: HERE

Below is the end of trading graphic for today. Anyone attempting to argue the “Trump Bump” isn’t happening, and isn’t significant, are simply denying reality out of political spite. Donald Trump’s promise of lower taxes and fewer regulations, along with significant infrastructure and military spending has the American economic machine for the first time in a very long time, waking from its too-long slumber.

Author: allthenews

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