AAA says 75% of drivers are scared of self-driving cars

Still, 60% drivers would like to get some kind of self-driving feature, such as automatic braking or self-parking, the next time they buy a new car.

The attitudes are in a new AAA survey of 1,800 drivers.

Advocates of self-driving cars argue they would be safer than cars driven by humans because they can’t get distracted or drive when tired or impaired.

Google (GOOGL, Tech30) has tested its self-driving cars on the road for more than 1 million miles. It suffered its first accident partly caused by the car, a minor fender bender involving a bus, only last month. Other automakers are also testing self-driving cars. Tesla (TSLA) has started offering hands free driving on its cars.

Gas prices edging up in Georgia


Ain’t it always the way?

Pretty much as soon as you start to get used to gas prices that are low, low, low – they start to rise. And it looks like the long slide of oil and gasoline prices has bottomed out and started to bounce.

Ah, well. Maybe you could get used to that?

And of course, there’s the question of how high they are going to be bouncing?

On one hand, you should be accustomed to the pattern. If anything, it’s a bit overdue. February is usually a month when the winter gas prices hit their lows and begin a very long, slow trajectory toward their seasonal highs in late spring – often right around Memorial Day when you are sure to be filling multiple tanks for your vacation drive.

And that didn’t happen in 2016, according to AAA.

“This was the first time in 10 years that gas prices finished the month of February lower than they started,” said Mark Jenkins, spokesman for the auto group. “Historically, gas prices have risen 30 to 40 cents during February, but this year was different, due to low oil prices and record high supplies of oil and gasoline.”

Gasoline, one of those basically non-negotiable expen