In Sunday night’s episode “Drive,” FBI Agent Jordan Kent confronts agent Ryan Booth about his mysterious disappearance during a field operation in Chicago. Kent believes Booth’s sudden disappearance during the op was no accident and accuses him of being involved in an American militia’s attack in the city.

What possible reason would I have for wanting to hurt innocent people?” Booth, played by actor Jake McLaughlin, asks Kent. “Why would I want to destroy my own career?”

“I don’t know. Maybe Afghanistan broke you,” Kent replies. “Maybe you realized what a worthless war it was when you got back and you got to talking to one of those cell members one day and realized you were fighting on the wrong side

Louisiana Cops Arrest TV Reporter For Questioning Mayor’s Salary and Benefits


This is what White Castle residents have to deal with.”

Chris Nakamoto is a true professional journalist, giving a deadpanned story lede to his videographer as he was being perp-walked by a burly cop for uncovering small town government corruption.

He’d just uncovered an un-legislated pay raise costing each resident in small town White Castle, Lousiana – each man, woman and child – stuck paying an additional $11 per year in tribute to the elected offical.

Louisiana cops arrested the tele-journalist for asking tough questions about the Mayor’s salary, now the whole world will find out as his story goes viral in the video you can see below.

An ABC television station’s lead investigator Chris Nakamoto, with WBRZ news in Baton Rouge was arrested in White Castle, Louisiana this past week.