Republican Senate Fires State Transportation Director Lynn Peterson


In a stunning, surprise move this afternoon, the Republican controlled state senate voted against confirming sitting Washington State Department of Transportation secretary Lynn Peterson. Peterson was appointed by Governor Jay Inslee in 2013 and unanimously approved by the Republican-controlled transportation committee just last year. With no warning, the GOP decided to finally bring her confirmation directly to the floor this afternoon in order to reject it.

After state senator Steve Hobbs (D-44, Lake Stevens) gave an oddly and ominously emotional speech seconding her confirmation (“I’m hoping that people deep in their hearts and their inner humanity will vote to confirm Lynn Peterson”), Republican budget leader state senator Andy Hill (R-45, Kirkland) rose to kick off Peterson’s beheading (“one-hour notice that she’s lost her job” as state senator Marko Liias, D-21, Edmonds, described the “surprise Friday move.“)