Ferguson judge withdraws all arrest warrants before 2015

The ticketing and arrest warrant issue didn’t necessarily go away with the Justice Department report’s release or the new order. An exclusive CNNMoney analysis earlier this month found the city was still pumping out thousands of new arrest warrants and jailing people over minor offenses.

By that point in 2015, the city had already issued more than 2,300 new arrest warrants for the year and thousands of older warrants continued to haunt people — even as neighboring municipalities are wiping out old tickets or warrants entirely.

Brendan Roediger, a Saint Louis University law professor and attorney who has represented some defending themselves against the tickets and warrants, called the new moves a good start but not the endgame many want and deserve.

“It’s real and it’s important,” Roediger said. “They deserve to be given credit for it. I applaud Judge McCullin. It’s meaningful. It’s significant.

“But ultimately, it is not the solution. (City officials) may do some good things out of pressure, but without a system that creates full-time professional courts, there isn’t a