Though there are some who don’t pass it by.

Leslie Rossi hands out Donald Trump hats and other freebies to visitors who keep showing up. With a huge banner and multiple signs supporting her candidate, there is no doubt who she and her family are voting for.

The mother of eight and her friends aren’t bashful about making their feelings known. But neither are the drivers.



Protesters rallying against GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump outside of San Francisco burned an American flag in a fit of rage.


Schoolboy pledges allegiance to ISIS instead of American flag; DHS starts investigation


“As this is a juvenile matter there is no other information being released,” he added.

The police quickly handed the case over to Homeland Security, which assured everyone there was no danger to the community, the Connecticut Post reported. Federal officials declined to comment further.

Regular classes were dismissed “out of an abundance of caution,”Floyd Dugas, an attorney for the Board of Education, said.

Others criticized how the school district handled the incident.

The whole matter was blown out of proportion, and is “exactly what the terrorists want us to do,” civil rights lawyer John R. Williams said.“To call the cops and Homeland Security is really out of line.”

The boy’s mother criticized the school for jumping the gun and taking action to remove her son from his school. She gave no comment to reporters trying to contact her, and her comments only made it into a recording of a Board of Education meeting.

Turlock Veteran Finds Burned American Flag In Driveway

A veteran proudly displaying his American flag in front of his Turlock home found someone set the flag ablaze and left the burned pieces on the ground for him to find.

For 15 years, the flagpole on Loren Vincent’s front yard always had an American flag on it. But on Monday morning, he says it was gone.

“I looked out Monday morning, got my newspaper and saw the flag wasn’t here. I thought maybe it blew away,” he said.