Amtrak Modifies Service for Predicted Winter Storm


Amtrak will be operating a modified schedule in the Northeast, due to a winter storm forecasted to impact the mid-Atlantic region.  Passengers holding reservations are strongly encouraged to keep a close eye on conditions and make any necessary changes in advance of their scheduled departure using or our mobile apps to check their train status.

Acela Express, Northeast Regional and other services between locations in Virginia and Boston, as well as Keystone Service between Harrisburg, Pa., and New York, will be operating throughout the weekend, but will have modified schedules. Most Northeast Corridor service between Washington, D.C., and Boston will operate as scheduled on Friday, Jan. 22. Passengers who have reservations on affected services are being contacted and accommodated on other trains with similar departure times or offered alternate travel dates.


Watchdog: Feds paid Amtrak worker to spy on passengers

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration inappropriately paid an Amtrak employee more than $850,000 over 20 years to provide information on passengers who may be smuggling drugs, according a report from the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General.

The OIG also released a separate report saying the DEA arranged to pay a government airport screener to act as a confidential source. The screener, however, never provided information of any value to the DEA.

But the OIG’s problem with these arrangements wasn’t that transportation officials were reporting people’s actions to the DEA. Instead, OIG said it made no sense for the DEA to pay these people for information, as they are already required by law to offer it up for free.

TSA airport style searches on all Amtrak trains!

AMTRAK (1) What does this mean for anyone taking a government train (Amtrak)? It means EVERYONE will be subjected to airline style boarding procedures. In Europe, you won’t find pre-boarding ticket checks on any international intercity train line except Eurostar (between London and Paris, for border control purposes). By importing the security theater of air travel, DHS, sorry I mean Amtrak will treat EVERYONE like a suspected terrorist!