With big transit questions pending, Cuomo hails a ‘very attractive’ bus

a - MTA bus


New York City is getting some new buses, and Governor Andrew Cuomo — a noted gearhead — thinks they’re lookers.

“I’d like to congratulate the MTA on the design of the bus,” said the governor, at his office in Midtown. “I think it’s very attractive. It has that European flair to it. I think it has almost a Ferrari-like look.”

The day after advocates traveled to Albany and demanded Cuomo explain how he plans to fund his portion of the MTA’s belated and still-unapproved $26 billion capital plan, Cuomo held a press conference to tout one element of that partially funded program: more than 2,000 new buses by the end of the decade.

“These are not going to be your father’s buses,” said Cuomo. “You know, it’s a new day.”




Gov. Andrew Cuomo moves to stop gay ‘conversion’ therapy for minors


New York is taking steps to stop therapists from trying to change young people’s sexual orientation, joining a number of states that have taken action against what’s known as “conversion therapy.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced new regulations Saturday. They will bar New York insurers from covering the therapy for minors and will prohibit mental health facilities under state jurisdiction from offering it to minors.



102214cuomo “I’d love to see the Democrats stand up and say we’re going to shut down the government or threaten to shut down the government if we don’t get real gun control legislation,” Cuomo told NY1.

Cuomo, who had mulled the idea of running for president and eventually threw his support behind Hillary Clinton, said so-called gun control should be a top election season issue.

“I would like to see Hillary and the vice president and whoever else is in the race on both sides talk about this issue of guns and let’s have that as one of the top priorities,” he said. “Rather than the political blather that is now going on and let’s put some real issues on the agenda and let’s put at the top: What are you going to do about guns?”


City and State Health Inspectors Continue To Investigate Legionnaires’ Outbreak

New York State Gov. Cuomo announced Sunday that the state’s multi-agency deployment is continuing to test for Legionella bacteria in the Bronx.