The only caveats, according to the survey of 18- to 34-year-olds, is that their android beau must by a “perfect match”, and must look like a real-life human being.

The proportion of young people who are willing to go on a date with a robot is significantly higher than the overall proportion of British adults – only 17% of whom were willing.

“Our bodies, our identities and our senses are enhancing thanks to technology and societal shifts,” said Ghislaine Boddington, co-founder and creative director of East London design unit body>data>space .

iPhone SE Retail Box Allegedly Leaked, Tips 16GB Storage and ‘SE’ Branding


As Apple’s Spring event scheduled for Monday closes in, more leaks with details about the unannounced 4-inch iPhone – aka iPhone SE – have emerged. While we have already seen the alleged smartphone from all angles in a recent video, a new leaked image claiming to show the retail box of the smartphone has surfaced online, seemingly confirming the name and some of its features.

The alleged retail box first of all clearly mentions ‘iPhone SE’ confirming the official name of the device, which few weeks back was rumoured to come with the iPhone 5se moniker. The box also shows ’16GB’ indicating the Cupertino-based firm to stick with this as the base variant for the new model. This is still better than the iPhone 5c model, the base variant of which came with 8GB inbuilt storage at launch.

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Apple Music update lets Android users save songs to SD cards


In the latest Apple Music for Android version 0.9.5 release notes, Apple says the added SD card functionality will allow users to keep more music offline. Unlike Apple’s own iOS devices, certain Android handsets come with built-in SD card slots to expand internal storage capacities

As noted by The Verge, most users will be saving songs to microSD cards that, while less capacious than the full-size SD card format, offers an advantageous value proposition compared to iPhone and iPad. For example, a 128GB microSD card that effectively doubles the space of Apple’s largest preconfigured option can cost as little as $13 on

Today’s update also includes a full schedule of Beats 1 shows and adds new browsing options for Composers and Compilations, which Apple says helps surface classical music and movies soundtrack

EU still open whether will charge Google over Android

People visit an Android stand at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona The European Commission has still to determine whether it will charge Google(GOOGL.O) with market abuse over its Android mobile operating system, Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said on Tuesday.

The Commission, which is in charge of antitrust issues in the European Union, accusedGoogle in April of cheating competitors by distorting Internet search results in favor of itsGoogle shopping service and at the same time opened the Android probe.

Meet Arrow, a new Android launcher from Microsoft’s Garage

Microsoft is quietly testing a new launcher app that replaces Android users’ home screens. Called Arrow, the utility is a product of the company’s Garage program that lets employees work on interesting side projects and release them to the world.

Right now, the app is in private beta, and only available to members of a private Google+ community. Microsoft isn’t saying much about its existence, either. While a spokesman for the company confirmed that the app is a Microsoft Garage project, he declined to share specific details. Microsoft News, a blog unaffiliated with the company, managed toget its hands on a copy of the app and published a run-down of how it works right now.

According to the post, the Arrow launcher splits a device’s home screen into three pages: a People page that includes contacts from both the user’s phone and email contacts, an Apps page that shows recently installed and frequently used applications, and a Notes & Reminders section that lets users set a to-do list for themselves. Arrow also includes a dock that allows users to keep the most important apps on their phone in a location that shows up across all those screens.

6 gotta-know sound settings for Android and iOS

android-and-ios-sound-settings-equalizer-levels-and-presets_6-100596400-large android-and-ios-sound-settings-keyboard-clicks_1-100596404-large android-and-ios-sound-settings-screen-locking-sounds_2-100596402-large android-and-ios-sound-settings-change-with-buttons-switch_3-100596399-large android-and-ios-sound-settings-custom-ringtones-for-contacts_4-100596401-large android-and-ios-sound-settings-vibrate-on-ring_5-100596403-large

There’s a lot more to the sounds on your Android phone or iPhone than the volume rocker on the side of your handset.

You can tinker with dozens of sounds settings—everything from whether you want your onscreen keys to “click” when you tap them to which ringtone sounds when a specific loved one calls.

You can also tweak your music equalizer (yes, your device has one), turn down your music volume without quieting your alarm, and even silence the “lock” sound your device makes when you put it to sleep.

Read on for six Android and iOS sound settings you need to know, starting with…

(Note: The following tips apply to Android phones running on Lollipop and iPhones and iPads with iOS 8.4.)