Andy Samberg Drops ‘Dirty’ Words In First Emmys Promo — Watch

andy-samberg-emmys-promo-drops-dirty-words-tsr Only Andy Samberg, 37, could come up with words that sound so dirty but are completely OK to say on live television. The actor did just that and totally made us LOL over his first promo for the 67th Emmy Awards, which will air on Sept. 20.

“We’ve all heard of the seven dirty words you can’t say on TV,” Andy says in the promo. “But what about the seven words that sound dirty that you can say?” Andy put a lot of time into his research and managed to come up with the dirtiest sounding words that he’ll be able to say Emmys.

Corkscrew, kumquat, shuttlecock, dictaphone, annal, shan’t and but were the seven words that Andy came up with. To be honest, those almost sound dirtier than the words you can’t say on TV.