EPA: 97% of Endangered Species Threatened by 2 Pesticides



We know that pesticides are harming the animals – from creatures who live in the oceans, to larger animals living on farms, in jungles, on prairies, and even flying above our heads. But even more worrisome, they seem to be a threat to endangered species roaming the earth.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just released an analysis pinpointing the collective impact that just 3 pesticides have on a surprising 97% of all the animals on endangered and threatened species lists nationwide.

These 3 common pesticides—chlorpyrifos, diazinon, and malathion—are causing unwanted damage to the natural world.
Chlorpyrifos is manufactured primarily by Dow Agro Sciences LLC, Cheminova, Makhteshim-Agan, Garda, and Platte Chemical. It is an organophosphate pesticide that is harmful to animals and the environment. It is said to be a severe risk to 97% of America’s most threatened flora and fauna.

Chlorpyrifos is used in agriculture for feed and food crops and in cattle ear tags. This type of pesticide is also used on golf courses, and to control fire ants and mosquitoes for ‘public health.’ Products containing chlorpyrifos are also used to treat wood fences, and utility poles, as well as to exterminate termites, mosquitoes and roundworms.”

It works by blocking an enzyme which controls messages that travel between nerve cells. When the enzyme is blocked, the nervous system can’t send normal signals. The problem is that this is also how it can harm innocent animals, including those on the endangered species list.




As it turns out, a compound found in the spider’s venom could serve as a powerful painkiller and could offer an alternative to conventional painkillers which can have nasty side effects.

One challenge for scientists is to isolate the painkilling peptides from the toxins that can paralyze and kill a tarantula’s prey, but if they succeed, tarantula venom could be used to take the sting out of pain.


Out of state money floods campaigns for marijuana legalization, farm animal protection


Although Massachusetts voters will decide the outcome of the referendum questions on next fall’s ballot, at least two of the ballot question campaigns will be shaped in large part by forces outside the state.

A review of campaign finance reports found that organizations outside Massachusetts are the major backers of questions to legalize recreational marijuana and ban the sale of meat and eggs from confined animals.

The outside money means that those committees will be able to fund strong campaigns, with advertising and grassroots organizing. But it also opens the organizers up to criticism for not representing the interests of Massachusetts.


US pit bull dies protecting family from armed attacker


Christmas won’t be the same for a Florida family after their beloved pet pooch was killed defending them from a knife-wielding attacker. Six-year-old Lucy, a pit bull terrier, was stabbed in the neck after trying to keep the invader at bay.


An argument in the city of Fort Myers turned violent after 48-year-old Walter Williams arrived at a house to see his ex-girlfriend Lisa Potts. Williams was brandishing a knife and threatened Potts.

Letting her instincts get the better of her, Lucy the pit bull rushed to defend her family member as she lunged towards the attacker, only to get a knife in the neck for her troubles.




The Iowa Public Information Board voted Thursday to launch legal action against the Burlington Police Department and other agencies, pushing for the release of records from the January day Officer Jesse Hill shot and killed 34-year-old Autumn Steele.

Hill was responding to a disturbance on Jan. 6 when he found Steele in front of her house hitting her husband, police said. The 34-year-old mom spent the previous night in jail after being arrested on domestic abuse charges, the Des Moines Register reported.

Iowa cop trying to shoot family’s attacking German Shepard mistakenly kills mom instead

Beware Of The Full Moon – Say Hello To The Werewolf Cats

351a16806e6fefa63c6c73b39cf13527 As Halloween approaches, walking down a deserted dark alleyway and coming across this cat may cause you just a little fright.

The Lykoi cat is a hybrid breed of domestic cat whose lack of an undercoat and grey fur remind us of the legendary monster – the werewolf.

First discovered in 2010 by Tennessee cat breeder, Patti Thomas, and championed by veterinarian and cat breeder, Johnny Gobble  – the Lykoi cats get their unique features from a naturally occurring Sphynx cat mutation mixed with black domestic shorthair.

Dr Gobble said: ‘The mutation has occurred in other cats, but to date, no reports of anyone starting a breed have been made.



Police said the six died after a gunfight with a gang at a canal in the Sundarbans forest, home to critically endangered Bengal tigers whose number there has nosedived to 106 from an estimated 440 a decade ago.