Anna Duggar Blames Herself For Husband Josh’s Cheating & Porn Addiction

josh-duggar-anna-19-kids-1-lead Anna Duggar, 27, is not looking to end her marriage with Josh Duggar any time soon. Not only is she “fully committed” to making things work, but a new report claims she is also carrying around some of the blame for her husband’s heinous behavior. Just wait until you hear how Anna and Josh intend to “pull through” this mess together.

As the world once again puts Josh Duggar’s bad habits on full display, there is at least one person who has not turned their back on him just yet: his wife, Anna. Just one month after giving birth to their fourth child, a daughter named Meredith, it was revealed that Josh had not one, but two accounts on Ashley Madison which allowed him to be discreetly unfaithful to the mother of his children. However, now that Josh’s secret life has been put on blast, Anna has no intentions of bailing on their marriage. In fact, a source close to Anna reveals that she is even blaming herself for Josh’s mistakes!