Constitutional carry approved by New Hampshire Senate


For the second time in two years, lawmakers in New Hampshire are on the verge of sending a bill to make the Second Amendment your concealed carry permit to the governor.

Last fall, staunch anti-gun Democrat Gov. Maggie Hassan vetoed a measure placed on her desk to codify the right to carry without first being issued a permit. A new proposal this session passed the House with a 206-146 vote earlier this year and the Senate 14-10 this week.

“This is our opportunity to ensure the Second Amendment rights of our constituents are upheld,” said supporter Sen. Gary Daniels, R-Milford, on the Senate floor.




The New York Times editorial board aptly demonstrates the peculiar mental illness many liberals suffer. “It is a moral outrage and a national disgrace that civilians can legally purchase weapons designed specifically to kill people with brutal speed and efficiency,” they write.

It is true. Guns are designed to kill. Lost in the argument is the fact that on occasion an individual must “specifically” kill a criminal perpetrator. Statistics show, however, that the possession and brandishing of a firearm—what the NYT editorial board calls “tools of macho vigilantism”—usually deters a criminal. States and municipalities that forego restrictive gun laws like those in effect in California, New York and Chicago experience less crime.

NYT Runs Anti-Second Amendment Op-Ed on Front Page