Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Gerber Says NO to Non-Browning GMO Arctic Apples

apple-red-black-735-257-735x257 Even apple growers and growing associations have opposed the GM Arctic Apple. US Apple and the Northwest Horticultural Council (representing Washington apple growers, who grow more than 60 percent of U.S. apples), have iced concern over the GMO apple, some explaining that potential cross-contamination may cause important export markets such as Europe and China to reject U.S. grown apples or require costly testing and certifications from farmers and exporter companies.

We’ve been growing apples GMO-free in this country for hundreds of years. We certainly don’t need genetically modified, non-browning apples now. At least Wendy’s and a few other Big Food brands are listening to the public on this issue, but that still leaves numerous questionable ingredients in their ‘food.’

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