PC: The Justice Department announced a plan to throw $1.75 million at young criminals in hopes that they don’t become adult criminals. But you’d never know that given the linguistic fog the DOJ has conjured up.

A press release issued earlier this week describes a new $1.75 million grant program as designed “to help young people involved in the justice system find jobs and housing.”

Wait, you ask, if these young people are “involved” in the justice system, doesn’t that mean they already have jobs? Like, say, as a trainee in the dispatcher’s office, or a desk clerk in the attorney general’s office, or maybe a janitor at the local courthouse?

Not exactly. In this case, “justice-involved youth” is what we’re now supposed to call juvenile delinquents, also known as young criminals.


Ohio Attorney General: Fetuses from Planned Parenthood sent to landfill

ndication that Planned Parenthood affiliates in Ohio are selling fetal tissue, but the investigation did reveal that aborted fetuses were disposed in landfills.

DeWine said he has referred his findings to the Ohio Department of Health for further action.

Planned Parenthood Ohio President and Chief Executive Officer Stephanie Kight denied DeWine’s charges.

“This is not true,” Kight said in a prepared statement. “Planned Parenthood contracts with vendors to handle fetal tissue in a respectful manner and in according with the law. It is irresponsible for the attorney general to say otherwise.”

Ohio Right to Life President Mike Gonidakis said his organization is “disturbed and heartsick over the attorney general’s findings,” according to media reports.

Gonidakis said the group is working with three Republican lawmakers – state Reps. Kyle Koehler of Springfield and Robert McColley of Napoleon, and Sen. Joe Uecker of Miami Twp. – to make improper disposal a first-degree misdemeanor, add more oversight for humane burial an cremation and require providers to inform women seeking an abortion about disposal of the fetus remains.


AG Lynch: President Will Call On Congress to Take Action on Guns in San Bernardino Address

She also said that he’ll speak on the actions the United States has taken to keep the homeland safe since the attacks in Paris last month. But there will be an element of politics to the speech.

President Obama will do more than just call for calm, he will ask “Congress to review measures and take action.”

Lynch’s staff later confirmed that the president will specifically call on Congress to review certain gun control measures.

Lynch also reiterated that the San Bernardino investigation is a “terrorism investigation” because of the “indications that we do have of radicalization.”



083115prisoncell Particularly notable within the vast trove of phone records are what appear to be at least 14,000 recorded conversations between inmates and attorneys, a strong indication that at least some of the recordings are likely confidential and privileged legal communications — calls that never should have been recorded in the first place. The recording of legally protected attorney-client communications — and the storage of those recordings — potentially offends constitutional protections, including the right to effective assistance of counsel and of access to the courts.