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FBI Director James Comey addresses the media  on April 5  in Detroit.

FBI Director James Comey said Wednesday that he’s keeping careful track of the investigation into Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s email server, in part to make sure the probe isn’t affected by politics.

“I love the FBI because we aspire to, and I think we are, three things: We’re honest, we’re competent, we’re independent. We’re not perfect. We’re competent, we’re independent,” Comey said in response to an audience member’s question during an appearance at Kenyon College in Ohio.

“I’ve stayed close to that investigation to ensure that it’s done that way. That we have the resources, the technology, the people and that there’s no outside influence. So, if I talk about an investigation while it’s going on there’s a risk that I’ll compromise both the reality and the perception that it’s done honestly, competently and independently. So, I’m going to say no comment to that.”


alex-jones-bernie-sanders Short of dancing salsa, the Democratic candidate did all he could to woo this crucial constituency at a rally on a soccer field in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

He surrounded himself with Latinos on stage and promised to fight for agricultural workers and to shelter families from deportation. It signalled the start of an effort to narrow Hillary Clinton’s wide lead with the state’s Latinos.

There was just one problem: the audience at the Cheyenne sports complex was mostly white.