Rocket ‘attack’ on UK tour jet: Pilot with 189 passengers dodged missile above Sharm El Sheikh in August with just ‘seconds to spare from disaster’

2E2FBD9300000578-3307741-image-a-2_1446848062169 The Department for Transport confirmed the Thomson near-miss incident took place on August 23 – just two months before the Metrojet plane crash.

A source said: ‘The first officer was in charge at the time but the pilot was in the cockpit and saw the rocket coming towards the plane.

‘He ordered that the flight turn to the left to avoid the rocket, which was about 1,000ft away.’

They said the five members of cabin crew only found out about the incident after landing.

The ‘shaken’ staff were offered the chance to stay the night in Egypt, but chose to head straight back to the UK on a flight that took off with no internal or external lights. The news came as:

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Expert That Correctly Predicted Market Moves In July, August And September Says Stocks Will Crash In November

Dollars-Folded-Public-Domain-460x345 I want to stress that I do not know if he will be right this time around.  When trying to forecast the future of the markets, there are thousands of moving pieces, and many of them cannot be accounted for easily.  But without a doubt the markets are perfectly primed for a major crash, so it would not surprise me in the least if he did turn out to be correct.


051514stocks Personally, I have learned to tune out the “forecasts” of most “economic experts” out there.  As an attorney, I was trained to be skeptical, and I have found that most forecasts about what the financial markets are going to do are not worth the paper they are printed on.  However, once in a while something comes along that really gets my attention.  Over the past few days, I have seen a number of references to the remarkable forecasts of Bo Polny of Gold 2020 Forecast.  In recent months he has correctly predicted that U.S. stocks would begin to drop in July, that there would be a huge plunge in August and that that the month of September would be rather uneventful.  Now he is saying that he expects “November to be a complete meltdown on the U.S. and world markets”.  Just because he has been right in the past does not guarantee that he will be correct this time around, but lots of people (like me) are starting to pay attention.

$2,883,250,000,000: Federal Taxes Set Record Through August; $19,346 Per Worker; Feds Still Run $530B Deficit

money-ap_photo-j_scott_applewhite-2The federal government raked in a record of approximately $2,883,250,000,000 in tax revenues through the first eleven months of fiscal 2015 (Oct. 1, 2014 through the end of August), according to the Monthly Treasury Statement released Friday.

August U.S. auto sales stronger than expected on trucks, SUVs

A woman walks past a logo of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in Turin The U.S. auto industry powered ahead in August, topping sales estimates and shrugging off gyrating stock markets as consumers continued to show their penchant for pickup trucks and SUVs.

The six largest automakers in the U.S. market all beat the sales forecasts of industry analysts, with Toyota, Honda, Nissan and GM reporting declines that were not as severe as expected.

Consumers surprised industry analysts who had expected a decline in August sales. Results on Tuesday indicated sales of about 17.5 million vehicles on an annualized basis, besting the forecast of 17.3 million vehicles in a Thomson Reuters poll of 47 economists.

Sharp China factory slowdown in August raises global growth fears

Employees work along a production line of a textile factory in Suzhou

Worries of a deepening China economic slowdown intensified on Friday after a private survey showed the factory sector shrank at its fastest rate in almost 6-1/2-years in August, hammering global stocks and commodity prices.

The gloomy figure sent investors fleeing for cover in gold and bonds, fearing China’s sagging economy would translate into slower global growth and muddy the outlook for the timing of the first U.S. interest rate hike in nearly a decade.

World markets had already been on edge after China’s surprise devaluation of the yuanlast week and a near-collapse in its stock markets in early summer.

“Uncertainty about China growth is now the main swing factor in markets,” said Tim Condon, an economist at ING Group in Singapore.

“Today’s data reinforced the doubts about global growth.”

Apple Watch to be sold at Best Buy stores from August

Apple Watches are seen on display at the Apple store on 5th Avenue in the Manhattan borough of New York City

The Apple Watch will be available at stores of Best Buy Co Inc (BBY.N), the largest U.S.consumer electronics chain, starting Aug. 7.

The Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport models will be sold at more than 300 Best Buy stores in time for the holiday shopping season, a spokeswoman for Apple Inc (AAPL.O) said.

“Customers love Apple Watch, and we are thrilled to begin offering it at Best Buy,” she said in an email.



The Health Department strongly opposes the bill, saying it would imply setting up a new regulatory system that would create “complexity and uncertainty” and conflict with the existing Therapeutic Goods Act. It may also conflict with international obligations Australia has under the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

The Health Department’s secretary, Martin Bowles, warned the bill might leave some legal and practical issues unresolved, “leading to the risk of regulatory gap, overlapping laws and a lack of clarity about the exercise of jurisdiction by agencies and possible inconsistency with other existing laws.”

“I can understand why someone like Medicines Australia might be opposed,” senator Di Natale said last month. “It doesn’t conform to the model of a traditional pharmaceutical and some people would argue it is a competitor.”

Establishing a federal regulator is needed to overcome limitations of the Therapeutic Goods Administration, which markets pharmaceutical products and doesn’t issue approval for herbal medicines, Di Natale said.

The leader of the Greens recognized in June that there are certain problems with the bill, which are nevertheless not insurmountable. Senator Di Natale said countries that have legalized medical marijuana serve as a good example that it’s possible without violating conventions, so Australia could follow suit.

The medical marijuana growing industry could become a major driver of economic growth for Australia one day, as is already happening in the US. In America the industry is estimated to top $14 billion by 2020, while the global marijuana market is expected to reach $100 billion once fully mature.

Today, Australian federal legislation criminalizes cannabis for both recreational and medicinal purposes, with the exception of limited growth and possession of pot as medicine in some individual states.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott expressed support for the bill last year, saying, “I have no problem with the medical use of cannabis just as I have no problem with the medical use of opiates.”