It’s revealing how officials and the media are demanding to know what killed Prince, yet they never bothered to ask how exactly Scalia died, even though the justice’s demise left American politics with an uncertain future.

“An autopsy is scheduled to be performed Friday on the body of seven-time Grammy winner Prince, but the results of the autopsy will not be made public for days or even weeks,” Fox News reported.

But if officials are willing to perform an autopsy on Prince, there’s no reason why they couldn’t on Scalia.

In fact, Scalia deserved an autopsy even more than Prince: not only was he was found dead at a resort linked to the Bohemian Grove during Valentine weekend, but Scalia was often the lone justice blocking globalist legislation with his deciding vote.

“Unlike elected politicians who are bought-and-paid-for by special interests, judges, especially life-serving Supreme Court justices, not only interpret existing law but often make decisions that become rooted in case law, and those decisions can affect every man, woman, and child in the United States,” journalist Wayne Madsen  pointed out.