Explosion rocks US military base in Japan

he explosion occurred at the US Army Sagami General Depot in Sagamihara City, approximately 25 miles southwest of Tokyo, according to a statement from Pentagon spokesman US Navy Commander William Urban.

“There are no reports of injury, and base firefighters and first responders are currently fighting the resulting fire to prevent its spread to nearby buildings,” Urban said.

The US Army in Japan said the building was “not designated as ahazardous material storage facility as some initial reports indicated.”

It added that the depot “does not store ammunition or radiological materials.”

The cause of the explosion remains under investigation.


Taliban infiltrate base, kill up to 15 Afghan police: officials

Taliban fighters disguised in police uniforms infiltrated a security forces compound in the southern Afghan province of Helmand and killed as many as 15 police, officials said on Wednesday.

The attack, in the Musa Qala district, was the latest in a widening insurgency that has killed thousands of Afghan security force members and civilians since NATO forces ended combat operations at the end of last year.