Dutch vote against EU-Ukraine deal would pressure govt to ‘reconsider’ position – FM


If people vote against the EU-Ukraine association agreement in the upcoming referendum, widely criticized by the Dutch, the government will have to review its position towards the treaty, the country’s foreign minister has warned.

The Dutch nation saying ‘no’ might put an end to the European Union’s Association Agreement with Ukraine, FM Bert Koenders said, adding that he would argue for a ‘yes’ vote.

“The referendum law says the government will have to reconsider if there is a (negative) outcome,” he said as quoted by Reuters. “I’m not going to say anything about the result, but we will then decide what to do.”

Koenders again refuted the idea that the association agreement might become the first step toward EU membership for Kiev – much desired by Ukrainians but worrisome for Dutch voters who fear it would only deepen the immigration crisis in the EU.