Dow Follows Biggest Crash Since Lehman With Third Biggest One Day Surge Ever As China Dumps Treasurys

China censoring Black Monday on country’s biggest search engine, Baidu, stopping citizens looking for information about financial chaos

DowjonesChina has been accused of censoring reports about thefinancial chaos in the country, stopping its citizens from looking for reports about what’s going on.

China’s “Black Monday” has sent share prices around the world into freefall, and has led to renewed worries about a slowdown in growth in the country. But its citizens don’t seem to be able to find out why.

Baidu, the country’s biggest search engine, is censoring results related to the chaos, according to George Chen, managing editor of the international edition of the South China Morning Post. When searching for the Chinese characters that translate to stock disaster, the results say that “Due to related rules & policy, some search results won’t be shown”.