Senator Blasts TSA Administrator for Not Delivering Report Testing Airport Security Vulnerability


Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), ranking member of the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, admonished Transportation Security Administration Administrator Peter Neffenger for not delivering to the committee the results of a report testing the vulnerability of the nation’s airports.

The committee hearing centered on efforts to prevent attacks on transportation infrastructure in the wake of the Brussels terrorist attack on March 22. Neffenger was in Brussels when terrorist attacks on the airport and subway system killed at least 26 people last month. He was actually at the airport the day of the bombings, arriving as the bombs exploded.

As you noted Mr. Chairman, I was at the Brussels airport the day of the bombings. I was there for meetings with a number of my European counterparts. We arrived right as the bombs detonated, and I will tell you being there on that day, seeing the devastation, seeing the chaos of the airport environment and the evil behind it was a stark reminder of the important work that we do at TSA everyday to protect travelers,” he testified during his opening statement.

In 2014, a long-running gun-smuggling operation was uncovered at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Neffenger became TSA administrator after the operation was uncovered.




South Dakota Republican Sen. John Thune worked with Democratic Sens. Bill Nelson of Florida and Ron Wyden of Oregon to get lucrative tax subsidies for things like wind power, fuel cells and geothermal heat pumps much to the chagrin of conservative groups.

“We’re disappointed that consistent support exists among Senators to extend corporate welfare to the so-called ‘green energy’ industry. It’s unfortunate to see lawmakers sneak these provisions through the backdoor using unrelated must-pass measures — especially only months after extending major wind and solar subsidies in an end-of-year deal,” Christine Harbin, director of federal affairs at Americans for Prosperity, said in a statement.

Conservatives are furious with Thune and others who want another bill extending green energy tax credits after passing a massive $680 billion tax package in December that included a slew of green energy subsidies — including a $23.8 billion investment tax credit for building solar panels.