Madoff was sentenced to 150 years in prison in June 2009 after he admitted to defrauding thousands of investors of billions of dollars over a period stretching back decades,

When told by Mark Dice that Bernie Sanders was bringing Madoff aboard as his vice-presidential pick to “help clean up Wall Street,” one man responded, “I think that’s a good idea,” noting that the ticket would include “all the Berns”.

Another respondent illustrated how most people form their political opinions by proxy when he stated, “One person told me about him and said good things so if he’s as good as the person says then I’m all for it.”

“From what I heard, what I was told about what Bernie’s about, I’m all for it,” he adds.

Alaska Fishermen Concerned GM Salmon Could Harm $6.4 Billion Fishing Industry


Not only is it possible that the US Food and Drug Administration’s approval of AquaBounty’s GM salmon will harm the environment, Alaska fishermen are concerned the GM fish could tank the fishing industry.

AquaBounty’s salmon have been genetically altered to contain growth-promoting genes from Pacific chinook and an eel-like fish called the ocean pout. They are said to grow up to 4 times faster than regular salmon, which might seem like a boon to the fishing industry, but fisherman are concerned of another outcome which could damage their livelihoods.

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Billions spent by EU was ‘possibly illegal’

An employee of GSA Austria stacks wads of 100 euro banknotes at the company's headquarters in Vienna The report said “the estimated level of error in expenditure was 4.4 percent [of the EU’s €142.5 billion budget], similar to the level in 2013 (4.5 percent)”, but it far exceeded the permitted level of 2.2 percent. Brussels has failed to reach the permitted level 21 years running.

“We call for a whole new approach – we cannot afford to do business as usual,” Vitor Caldeira, the president of the independent auditor told reporters.

Caldeira also said that if the EU budget was more wieldy, the migrant crisis would have been milder.