Police say Pierre Loury was a documented gang member. On Tuesday night 100’s of people gathering for a vigil and protest blocked the Eisenhower Expressway. What do you think?

Black Lives Matter protesters are claiming have invoked the name Trayvon Martin after 16-year-old Pierre Loury was shot and killed by a Chicago police officer Monday evening during a chase. According to police the teen fled from a car and then pointed a gun at the officer while trying to climb a fence.




They blocked the light rail line keeping trains from Target Field Station.

Police arrested 25 people.

Reg Chapman spoke with some of them as they left jail.

They told him they want to use Monday’s demonstration to recruit more white people to the Black Lives Matter movement.

DOJ Has Blocked Everyone In The Executive Branch From Reading The Senate’s Torture Report

We firmly believe that appropriate DOJ and FBI officials must read the full 6,700-page Senate Intelligence Committee Study of the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program in order to understand what happened and draw appropriate lessons. This is exactly what Director Comey promised during his testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee on March 12, 2015, when he said he would designate FBI officials to read the full, final version of the Committee’s Study and consider the lessons that can be learned from it. Director Comey also acknowledged that former FBI Director Bob Mueller ordered FBI agents not to participate in the CIA program. Unfortunately, as the executive summary of the Study makes clear, the Department of Justice was among those parts of the Executive Branch that were misled about the program, and DOJ officials’ understanding of this history is critical to its institutional role going forward.

We are gravely disappointed that, according to Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik’s letter dated August 5, 2015, the Department of Justice is citing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) case, ACLU v. CIA as an excuse to refuse to allow Executive Branch officials to review the full and final Study. This DOJ decision prevents the FBI and other parts of the Executive Branch from reading the full 6,700-page Study and learning from the mistakes of the past to ensure that they are not repeated. Further, personnel at the National Archives and Records Administration have stated that, based on guidance from the Department of Justice, they will not respond to questions about whether the Study constitutes a federal record under the Federal Records Act because the FOIA case is pending.


doj-shh There had been some hope that ex-Senator Mark Udall might choose torelease some of it from the Senate floor before leaving office, but that didn’t happen.

And, with the changing of the guard, the new head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr, demanded that all the federal government agencies that received the report should return it to him so he can destroy it and make sure that no one ever sees what’s in the report. As we noted, however, this whole thing seemed to be an effort to state publicly that the document was aCongressional record. That matters because Congressional records are not subject to FOIA requests. Executive branch records are subject to FOIA requests — and the ACLU has made a FOIA request to the exec branch for a copy of the report.

Board recommends parole for Charles Manson follower Bruce Davis after governor blocked release

download (1) After 43 years in prison and 30 parole hearings, parole officials on Thursday again decided it is safe to free Charles Manson follower Bruce Davis.

They recommended that Davis be paroled in the 1969 slayings of musician Gary Hinman and stuntman Donald “Shorty” Shea.

It’s the fourth time for such a recommendation, but the 72-year-old Davis remains imprisoned at California Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo.

 The previous three such recommendations by the Board of Parole Hearings were blocked, once by former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and twice by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Brown most recently rejected Davis’ parole a year ago, saying he remains dangerous despite his age. It will be about five months before Brown decides on Thursday’s recommendation.

Guinea’s ex-junta leader blocked from returning, lawyer says

Guinea’s ex-junta leader was blocked from returning to the country, his lawyer said Wednesday.

Moussa “Dadis” Camara’s plane was diverted to Ghana, lawyer Jean Baptiste Haba said. Camara was to make a connection in Ivory Coast, but Ivorian officials said they were asked by Guinean authorities not to allow Camara and his four companions to land in Abidjan, Haba said. Camara had reportedly been blocked from going through Ivory Coast earlier this month, his party said.

Camara is back in Burkina Faso, where he has been in exile since 2010.

But Guinea government spokesman Albert Damantang Camara, no relation to the former leader, denied blocking his return.

“The Guinean government has never prevented the return of Dadis to Guinea. He’s Guinean, he is free to return to his country,” he said. “It’s instead that there’s a problem with the law, and justice is sovereign and independent.”