BMW M3 owner’s wife makes awesome BMW M art


If you’re a die-hard fan of the BMW brand, chances are you’ve made, or owned, some sort of BMW art in your life. Whether it be doodling the BMW Roundel in a notebook or buying a BMW poster for a bedroom wall, chances are there’s some sort of BMW artwork in your life. But it’s not likely that any of us have ever made anything quite like this.

Meet Nicole, a math teacher who has an artsy side and whose husband owns a BMW M3 that they both seem very much obsessed with. Nicole is working on an alphabet project where she creates artwork based on each letter of the alphabet. When it came time to do the letter M, she chose BMW’s M Division, with some prodding from her M-loving husband. So she set out to make some artwork based on the M Division and she used a method of paper-folding, called “Quilling”, to do so. What she ended up with is awesome.