Canada Border Services Agency confirms identity for ‘Man with No Name’

michael-mvogo.jpg.size.xxlarge.letterbox After almost a decade, the “Man with No Name” has finally had his identity and birthplace confirmed.

Canada Border Services Agency officials have at last verified the identity and birthplace of Michael Mvogo, who has been in detention in Canada for more than nine years over immigration violations, according to federal government documents obtained by the Star.

The CBSA has a notarized copy of his birth certificate as well as a video and a written statement that establish Mvogo’s identity and birthplace in Cameroon, according to the internal CBSA report.

Those documents and the video eliminate the last obstacle facing the CBSA in its attempt to remove Mvogo from Canada. Mvogo, who had originally been picked up in Toronto, is supposed to finally be deported on or by Aug. 24, according to a Star source.