New generation buying books to ‘express their personalities


There are many reasons to buy a book, from learning about a new topic to the pure entertainment of immersing oneself in a different world.

A new generation has discovered one more, experts say: expressing their personalities in an increasingly online world.

Siôn Hamilton, the trading director of Foyles bookshop, said he had noticed a tendency for people to want to reflect their musical and reading tastes at home, retreating from the digital age to embrace physical objects again.

Speaking at a Hay Festival, sponsored by the Telegraph, Hamilton said Foyles’ new store had enticed a “younger, trendier, more vibrant” group of customers, who were well able to order books online but chose to visit a physical bookshop instead.


091615landforsale Why? Because land’s value doesn’t come from its ability to cover up the naked earth. Land’s value comes from its economic usefulness. From the value of things that can be done using that land (Rothbard’s “marginal revenue product” of the land). And that value is, indeed, changing all the time. Economically, from a price perspective, then, we make land all the time.

Schlumberger to buy oilfield gear maker Cameron in $14.8 billion deal

The exterior of a Schlumberger Corporation building is pictured in West Houston Schlumberger Ltd (SLB.N) will buy oilfield equipment maker Cameron International Corp (CAM.N) in a deal valued at $14.8 billion to streamline supply chains and offer cost-effective services to oil and gas customers who have slashed budgets.

The deal is the latest example of energy companies joining forces to help them cope with slumping oil prices LCOc1, down 60 percent since June last year and hitting new lows each day.

Schlumberger will be able to bundle its services, which range from surveying a site to drilling wells, with Cameron’s products such as pressure valves and blowout preventers, one of which was used in BP’s Macondo well that exploded in 2010.

The two companies already have a joint venture since November 2012 aimed at deepwater drilling services.

Datatec to buy U.S. technology firm for $42 million

Datatec Ltd’s Logicalis Inc unit has agreed to buy U.S.-based Advanced Technology Integration Group (ATIG) for $42 million, giving the South African IT firm a bigger presence in the Midwest.

The Johannesburg-listed global technology and services provider said in a statement on Wednesday the acquisition is subject to a number of conditions and is expected to become effective in September 2015.