UK’s Cameron covertly helping House of Saud’s military offensive in Yemen


Britain’s veneer is cracking. If ever anyone was left to believe that London still stands for all things fair and democratic, PM David Cameron’s love affair with al-Saud should have long dissolved any such naivety.

An oligarchy in civil clothing, Britain’s inner political nature came out to play. Powered by Saudi billions, the UK has become a war enabler, a mercenary army and somewhat of a military proxy sold to the will of al-Saud absolute monarchy.

A self-proclaimed advocate for civil liberties and human rights, PM Cameron has had no qualms in backing, propping and powering Saudi Arabia’s illegal war in Yemen, on account London and Riyadh have entertained a long-standing friendship, sealed in multi-billions military contracts.

Schlumberger to buy oilfield gear maker Cameron in $14.8 billion deal

The exterior of a Schlumberger Corporation building is pictured in West Houston Schlumberger Ltd (SLB.N) will buy oilfield equipment maker Cameron International Corp (CAM.N) in a deal valued at $14.8 billion to streamline supply chains and offer cost-effective services to oil and gas customers who have slashed budgets.

The deal is the latest example of energy companies joining forces to help them cope with slumping oil prices LCOc1, down 60 percent since June last year and hitting new lows each day.

Schlumberger will be able to bundle its services, which range from surveying a site to drilling wells, with Cameron’s products such as pressure valves and blowout preventers, one of which was used in BP’s Macondo well that exploded in 2010.

The two companies already have a joint venture since November 2012 aimed at deepwater drilling services.