Canadian News Anchor Warns American Gun Owners



Canadian Doctor Killed, Body Found in Makeshift Grave –


Veinotte taught on contract at St. George’s in Grenada, a quiet and safe Caribbean island. The couple loved the island because of its “wonderful people”, and Dr. Veinotte was loved back; she was described as, “good listener…and the type of person that could only ever see the good in people.” Sylvan McIntyre, an assistant-superintendent with the Royal Grenada Police reports, “The family are devastated. Grenada is a safe place.”

Her body, partially decomposed, was found just days ago and buried in a makeshift grave near a small dirt road on the south end of the island. Last seen on Sunday, Dec. 6., Dr. Veinotte, “left the house at 8 a.m., wearing green running shorts, a purple tank top and her Adidas, with the family dog, Nico, in tow.” She was to go for a jog around a well known residential community, but instead residents later reported hearing tires -belonging to a dark-colored SUV- screech, and a loud thump. Their dog was discovered bleeding at the scene, but Dr. Veinotte was no where to be found.

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Bottles of Canadian Fresh Air a Hot Sale in China

Two entrepreneurs from Alberta have been selling Vitality Air for just over a year, but over the last two weeks their sales to China have increased dramatically, reports The People’s Daily Online.

The red alert over air pollution was issued by Beijing authorities on December 7, lasting three days, amid the second bout of bad air this month. During this time PM2.5 levels – tiny hazardous airborne particles – exceeded 900 micrograms per cubic metre.

Bottles of Canadian Fresh Air a Hot Sale in China

A Canadian teenager used America’s militarized cops to terrorize women gamers for years


If you’re a woman on the Internet, harassment comes with the territory. There have been jerky dudes since time immemorial, after all. But with the advent of America’s militarized cops, sociopathic misogynists have a new, deadly force-multiplier in their war on women.

“Obnoxious” is the online name of British Columbia teenager who spent years destroying the lives of women who had the audacity to create popular, lucrative channels on Twitch in which they streamed their amazing video-game play.

Obnoxious would get their IP addresses, dox them, DDoS them, try to blackmail them into befriending him and then to performing on-camera sex-acts for him, he would order pizzas and other crap to their homes, and then he would swat them.

Montana Ranchers on Canadian Border Watch


Without ever intending to,  newly-elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has saved the United States from the worry of 10,000 unvetted Syrian “refugees” being flown into Canada by the year’s end,  from flooding over America’s unsecured northern border.

Ditto for the 15,000 Trudeau is bringing to Canadian soil in February.