BMW M3 owner’s wife makes awesome BMW M art


If you’re a die-hard fan of the BMW brand, chances are you’ve made, or owned, some sort of BMW art in your life. Whether it be doodling the BMW Roundel in a notebook or buying a BMW poster for a bedroom wall, chances are there’s some sort of BMW artwork in your life. But it’s not likely that any of us have ever made anything quite like this.

Meet Nicole, a math teacher who has an artsy side and whose husband owns a BMW M3 that they both seem very much obsessed with. Nicole is working on an alphabet project where she creates artwork based on each letter of the alphabet. When it came time to do the letter M, she chose BMW’s M Division, with some prodding from her M-loving husband. So she set out to make some artwork based on the M Division and she used a method of paper-folding, called “Quilling”, to do so. What she ended up with is awesome.

Opel: GT Concept won’t spawn production model


The opening day of the Geneva Auto Show is over a month away, but General Motors’ Germany-based Opel division has already ruled out turning the sleek GT concept (pictured) that will debut there into a production model.

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During the Christmas holiday back in 1913 Congress enacted a communistic centralization of your money transferred to the control of an elite few, and similar takeovers have occurred in America’s manufacturing industries.

Communistic you say?

The Death Of Great American Car Freedom


police-car-lights1 New Haven police announced this week that officers will be looking for unlocked cars with valuables in plain sight. The police said they plan to enter these cars without permission or a warrant to collect the belongings so they “are protected from criminals.”

The police believe that if they get to the valuables before the criminals, they will be doing the car owners a favor. At the same time, they are hoping to send a message to people to be more careful with their automobile security.

BMW announces smart home apps and more at IFA

p90138767-970x0 This year, BMW unveiled what it calls a “customer-ready” smart home app for iOS, as well as a “research application” that allows cars to interface with Samsung’s SmartThings platform, which includes a complete home-monitoring system, according to Tech Times. The Korean and German companies are working together to integrate SmartThings functionality into BMW vehicles.

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Apple working on self-driving car, report says

Apple Inc. AAPL, +0.01% is working on a self-driving car and could be getting close to a test drive, documents obtained by The Guardian reportedly show. Apple engineers working on the secret project communicated with officials at a secretive testing site located on a former naval base in Concord, a city in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area, according to documents obtained from a Freedom of Information Act request. The site, called GoMentum Station, is being pitched specifically as a test site for self-driving cars and has hosted such tests by Honda and Mercedes Benz. Apple has several hundred employees working on development of an electric car, according to previous reports, a notion that has excited Wall Street. Silicon Valley has taken a big interest in autonomous driving of late, so Apple would be competing with neighbors such as Google Inc.GOOGL, -0.06% and Tesla Motors Inc. TSLA, +0.26% that have devoted more time to the technology.