Architect of Pentagon’s Personnel Reform Plan Resigns


Carson is expected to leave the post on April 8. He is reportedly resigning along with his senior adviser Morgan Plummer.

Carson cited “low likelihood of confirmation” and “reduced time left in the administration” as reasons for his decision to resign.

The Force of the Future personnel reform includes such widely-debated decisions as opening combat positions to women.

Face of Defense: Guardsman Brings Diverse Background to Bagram’s Mission

150808-F-LH521-176 It isn’t every day you come across someone who has been a soldier, sailor and airman, but then again, North Carolina Air National Guard Tech. Sgt. Russell McLamb isn’t your everyday service member.

McLamb’s uniqueness isn’t just that he has served in three different services — he has also served in all three of the services’ medical corps.

“Being a part of the military, it’s in my blood. My dad was a heavy equipment operator in the Marine Corps,” said McLamb, who is assigned to the 156th Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron based at Charlotte Air National Guard Base in North Carolina. “I decided to join the Army National Guard and have served in the military for 24 years now. I’ve been able to see and be a part of the medical community in the Army, Navy and now the Air Force.”



On Sunday, as protests against racial profiling and police brutality turned violent, an 18-year-old man allegedly opened fire on an unmarked police SUV before being shot and critically injured by police. St. Louis County declared a state of emergency Monday afternoon.