23mn Americans to lose health insurance by 2026 under GOP repeal of Obamacare – CBO


The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office’s latest scoring of the House Republican replacement to Obamacare shows that by next year, 14 million people would lose health coverage, while a total 23 million would lose insurance within a decade.


The CBO’s report Wednesday takes into account amendments attached to the American Health Care Act (AHCA) on May 4, shortly before the House bill’s partisan passage which was nearly denied by just two votes. This is the AHCA’s second scoring by the CBO, which released its first report in March.

Around 23 million Americans would lose health care insurance by 2026, the new report found. The CBO had previously projected 24 million people losing health coverage. However, it remains unclear how much, if any, good news the Senate Republicans can take away from the government report.





In April 2015, the foundation began tracking the 24 states that expanded Medicaid. The states projected that only 5.5 million adults would enroll.

“Newly-obtained data from these 24 states shows that at least 11.5 million able-bodied adults have now enrolled in Obamacare expansion—an overrun of 110 percent or more than double projections,” the report said. “Some states have signed up more than four times as many able-bodied adults as they said would ever enroll.”

The states that have expanded Medicaid since that time—Alaska, Indiana, Louisiana, and Montana—have all enrolled more able-bodied adults than projected.



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A report released Wednesday said that in 2014, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services relied on health insurers to confirm that payments based on the tax credits were accurately doled out without an independent system to verify or audit the determinations.

The inspector general for the Department of Health and Human Services, the parent agency, concluded that “federal funds may be at risk” without an effective system to ensure that the payments to confirmed Obamacare enrollees were correct.

Obamacare Agency Put Taxpayer Money ‘at Risk,’ Inspector General Says

Congress sends health law repeal to Obama’s desk for first time

Congress sent an ObamaCare repeal bill to the president’s desk for the first time on Wednesday, marking an election-year victory of sorts for Republicans who have tried since 2010 to scrap the law.

The bill repealing most of President Obama’s signature health care law was approved in a final 240-181 House vote Wednesday afternoon, after clearing the Senate late last year. The legislation also would strip federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

The measure still faces certain doom at the White House, and Democrats derided the vote Wednesday as pointless. The president is sure to veto, and Republicans do not have the votes to override.

But the political theater marks the opening volley in a fresh ObamaCare fight under the Paul Ryan-led House, and one likely to energize the party’s election-year efforts.

“I fully anticipate the president will veto this, but I mean, how many times have we been saying we want to put bills on his desk that say who we are, what we believe versus what he believes, and that he will veto,” Speaker Ryan, R-Wis., told Fox News Tuesday night before the vote.



Jakari Jackson covers the rise in Obamacare “Penalties” on the Infowars Nightly News.

Obamacare Penalty Jumps To $1000 In 2016

307,000 veterans may have died awaiting Veterans Affairs health care, report says

The report released Wednesday reveals a web of complications with the VA’s management of health care enrollment data, including a lack of procedures to oversee records, software glitches within the records system and inconsistency in identifying veterans who have died.