Ivanka Trump’s Worst Week in Washington

Ivanka Trump has long been cast as the one person that her father — aka the President of the United States — really, truly listens to.

So, when she formally joined the White House earlier this year, many people who were deeply concerned about the direction Donald Trump would take the country viewed it as a a major step in the right direction.
But, through the first 134 days of Donald Trump’s presidency, Ivanka has been far more talk than action. And her inability to deliver results came to a head this week as Ivanka failed to convince her father to keep the US in the Paris climate accord.
“I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh — not Paris,” Trump thundered in his Rose Garden speech announcing that the US would join Nicaragua and Syria as the only three countries who are not part of the Paris accords.
It was a statement — and a sentiment — right out of the mind of Steve Bannon, chief strategist in the Trump White House and someone with whom Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump’s husband, has repeatedly clashed over the first four-plus months of the administration.
Bannon represents a hard-charging, nationalist, populist, anti-establishment view of politics. Ivanka and her husband — “Javanka” for short — are far more liberal and moderate-minded.
Bannon’s views won out on this issue, due in no small part to the fact that Trump promised to get out of Paris during the campaign and felt compelled to make good on that pledge to appease his political base.
For Ivanka, this week serves as a blunt reminder that, despite her considerable influence with her father, she has yet to affect major changes — or even minor ones — in his views since coming to the White House.
On virtually every issue — trade, immigration, healthcare and now climate — Trump has sided with his political base rather than his daughter and her husband. Whether “Javanka” want to admit it or not, that’s embarrassing given the role in the White House
they quite clearly envisioned for themselves.
Publicly, Ivanka’s serenity is unbothered. This comes from a terrific story in Politico:
“Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, have taken the defeat in stride, according to two people familiar with their thinking on the issue. Their view of their roles in the
White House is that they’re playing the long game, helping the President to be successful. And they don’t tally their own influence day by day or bill by bill.”
Riiiiiiiight. Relatedly, I am playing the “long game” on making it to the NBA.
None of this means that Ivanka — or Jared — is going anywhere anytime soon. They aren’t. And, if they do, it will be their choice, not because President Trump pushes them out.
But, what this week disproved — or at least poked holes in — is the notion that Ivanka Trump can get her father to do what she wants when she really sets her mind to it.
Ivanka, for realizing that no one rules Donald Trump but Donald Trump, you had the Worst Week in Washington. Congrats, or something.

Roman holiday! Ivanka and Jared smile and wave at the crowds as they arrive at the Pantheon for closed-door tour – but are BOOED as their motorcade leaves


Wearing matching blue and white ensembles, Ivanka and Jared were able to stroll through the Pantheon free from any disturbances, accompanied by a team of security guards who kept a watchful eye over them as they made their way around the popular tourist spot.

Ivanka looked radiant in a navy blouse featuring a white collar and cuffs, which she paired with a billowy white skirt that grazed her ankles.
She accessorized her look with navy pumps, sunglasses, and a white hand bag that she wore over her shoulder.

Meanwhile, Jared looked relaxed in a button-down shirt, navy trousers, and a pair of white walking sneakers.

The couple were greeted by a swarm of people when they arrived at the Pantheon by car, with videos captured by some of the many bystanders showing the couple walking past enormous crowds, who were kept far back from the normally-crowded site by police and barriers.

Clearly eager to ensure that the VIP couple had the best possible experience during their tour around the Pantheon, a team of security guards kept a watchful eye over them as they enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the tourist site.

However their presence at the site clearly cause some ire among many of the waiting people, who booed the couple as they left the site in a large SUV. Video captured at the site shows dozens of people voicing their outrage at Ivanka and Jared as their motorcade left the Pantheon.

According to a local newspaper, there was a delay in the First Daughter’s departure due to an unknown security issue with the car, which meant the motorcade remained in place outside the site for longer than intended.