The missile was fired from the North Korean resort town at Wonsan at 5:40 p.m. (08:40 GMT) and flew northeast over the sea for about 200km (124 miles) before it appeared to make contact with land, Yonhap reported.

It comes just one week after the North reportedly launched additional short-range missiles in the direction of the Sea of Japan.

Just days prior to that launch, Pyongyang carried out a ballistic missile test, firing two rockets into the sea.

Both Russia and China have criticized North Korea, saying they do not recognize its nuclear ambitions, and that leader Kim Jong-Un should listen to the UN Security Council’s demands to return to the negotiation table.

However, both Moscow and Beijing agree that rising tensions on the Korean peninsula should not give the US a pretext to deploy a missile shield in the region.


N. Korea talks of formidable anti-tank weapon


North Korea yesterday boasted of a new anti-tank weapon said to be so powerful, it could turn the most heavily armoured enemy tank into “boiled pumpkin”.

Pyongyang’s state media said leader Kim Jong Un had watched tests of the portable, laser-guided rocket and declared it had the “longest firing range in the world”, and was “as accurate as a sniper’s rifle”.

“He noted with great satisfaction that even the special armoured tanks and cars of the enemies which boast their high manoeuvrability and striking power are no more than a boiled pumpkin before the anti-tank guided weapon,” the KCNA news agency reported.

S. Korea orders civilian evacuation near western border, after exchanging fire with N. Korea

KCNA picture shows a test-firing drill of anti-ship missiles at sea South Korean military shelled the North’s border area in response to an apparent earlier shelling from the North.

South Korean military fired dozens of artillery shells across the border on Thursday, the Yonhap news agency reported. The attack came in response to apparent shelling of the southern part of the border area by the North’s military.

“A barrage of supposedly North Korean military shells was detected by (South Korea’s) anti-battery radar” at 3:52pm, a ministry official said as cited by the agency.

Earlier the South Korean Defense Ministry said shelling from across the border was detected by counter-battery radar, but that the South didn’t return fire.