Mohammad al-Amari, a minister of state in the Government of National Accord, signed documents passing control of the key foreign ministry complex in the north of the capital to the new government, an AFP journalist said.

The GNA also Monday took the ministries of planning and religious endowment.

Over the past week, the transport, social affairs, environment, and youth and sports ministries have likewise been transferred to the new government.


Memo: Hillary Requires Travel in Private Jet, 1st-Class Tickets, Stenographer


A newly released memo uncovers the specific demands Hillary Clinton tacked on to her private speaking gigs while earning close to $2 million.

The hosts of Fox and Friends Weekend broke down the contents of that rider this morning, outlined here via CNN Money:

Even as her numbers for trustworthiness and transparency continue to plateau, Hillary Clinton has been resisting calls to release transcripts of her Wall Street speeches.

The former secretary of state was asked about her expensive speaking fees back in February, when CNN’s Anderson Cooper pointed out that she once made $675,000 for just three speeches.

“Did you have to be paid $675,000?” he asked.

“Well, I don’t know. That’s what they offered,” Clinton replied.

What do you think of Clinton’s demands? Watch more above and weigh in.

On #OregonUnderAttack and #YallQaeda: Stop Calling Everyone a Terrorist


A self-proclaimed militia group led by members of the Cliven Bundy family has occupied a federal outpost in the Melheur National Wildlife Refuge and vowed to stay put until their demands are met. As Ed Krayewski notes, the armed ranchers have rallied in opposition to the prosecutions of Dwight and Steven Hammond, who will go to jail Monday for starting controlled fires on their own property they claimed were necessary to avert a greater disaster.

Authorities are closely monitoring the situation. Ryan Bundy told The Oregonian that the militia had no plans to use violence except as a last resort if confronted by the police:



Meanwhile, a whole bunch of left-leaning people on Twitter are accusing the militia of engaging in domestic terrorism. The hashtags for the story are #OregonUnderAttack and #YallQaeda—as if the Bundy family’s activities thus far have something in common with a terrorist attack perpetrated by Islamic radicals.

On #OregonUnderAttack and #YallQaeda: Stop Calling Everyone a Terrorist