Rand Paul: Hiring Petraeus Would Be Like Hiring Hillary Clinton

In an appearance on CNN, Paul said that it would be highly hypocritical of Trump to appoint someone to his administration who mishandled classified information after advocating criminally charging Hillary Clinton for the same reason.

“I think the problem they’re going to have putting forward is there’s a lot of similarities to Hillary Clinton as far as revealing classified information,” Paul told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

They spent a year and a half beating up Hillary Clinton over revealing classified information and then they would appoint somebody who the FBI says not only revealed it, but then lied about it in an interview and purposefully gave it to someone who did not have the clearance to have that.” Paul added.

Petraeus admitted last year to the unauthorized removal of classified material and paid a $100,000 fine in a bargain deal with the Justice Department after it was revealed that the then CIA director had provided classified information to his biographer, with whom he was having an extramarital affair.


Sen. Rand Paul Asks FBI Why Investigation into Omar Mateen Was Closed


Paul’s remarks came in response to the Democratic-led filibuster from Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday, where Murphy led a group of Democrats and some Republicans, including Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA), to push for more gun control.

“I’m friends with Sen. Murphy, he and I have worked together on several resolutions with regards to war and with regards to foreign policy,” Paul said. “However, I’m not so sure he’s right on this issue.”

Specifically, Paul was referring to how Murphy was pushing for people on the government’s terrorism watch lists to be banned from buying weapons. After Paul surveyed the room by a show of hands asking if they felt that people on the terrorism watch list should or should not be able to buy guns, Paul then explained why the Democrats’ logic was off.

“So we have to ask why is it a good or bad idea? The first sort of impression from all of us is: Why the hell should a terrorist have a gun?” Paul said. “If you’re a terrorist, you shouldn’t have a gun. Then we have to ask: Well, how do they make the list and is everybody on the list a terrorist? This is a pretty important thing if you’re going to take away somebody’s rights.”

Paul then laid out how the terror watch list has “probably a million people on it” and “most live outside the country, or are foreigners” who don’t have constitutional rights. “But let’s say you’re here and you’re on the list: How did you get on the list?” Paul asked. He continued:





Paul, during remarks to an intern lecture series in the U.S. Senate’s Russell Office Building that were closed to all but invited press, including Breitbart News, argued that Mateen was not on the terrorism watch list once the investigation concluded.

Paul’s remarks came in response to the Democratic-led filibuster from Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday, where Murphy led a group of Democrats and some Republicans, including Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA), to push for more gun control.

“I’m friends with Sen. Murphy, he and I have worked together on several resolutions with regards to war and with regards to foreign policy,” Paul said. “However, I’m not so sure he’s right on this issue.”




Obama said the treaties will help U.S. authorities investigate and crack down on offshore tax evasion.

Paul has argued that they would infringe on Americans’ constitutional right to privacy because their tax data and personal financial information would be shared with other countries. Treaties cannot go into force unless ratified by the Senate, and the objection of any one senator halts action on legislative business pending in that house of Congress, as Paul has done in this case.



For those who watched his slapstick comedy takedowns of ‘low energy’ Jeb Bush, ‘little’ Marco Rubio, and ‘mess’ Rand Paul earlier in the campaign, it should come as no surprise that Trump is attacking on this level first.




Since Grant was Ron Paul’s choice for Fed Chair, it should be no surprise that the article reads like a Doom Paul meme in essay form:

Unfortunately for us, James Grant is right. The US government has grown far too large, spends way too much and has an economy supported largely by increasingly absurd monetary policy. While these basic facts are obvious to most that follow the news, the response from the left reminds us of their never-ending war on reality:

While it’s difficult for anyone to tweet out a true critique of an article you disagree with, Jordan Weissmann’sresulting blog post indicates that he didn’t read Grant’s piece before attacking.

For example, Weismann writes that:

As a rule, it does not matter how much money a country owes if it can easily meet its interest payments. So long as that is the case, bond investors are typically happy to continue lending money, and everything goes smoothly. It’s the same way you or I can carry a mortgage or credit card balance without triggering personal financial catastrophe, and without scaring away our bank….Currently, interest on the debt only takes up about 6 percent of the federal budget. As a percentage of GDP, it is lower than any time since the 1970s. In the future, we will only have to pay down enough debt to make sure our interest payments remain sustainable, as they are today. We will never have to eliminate the whole balance.


Iowa looms as last chance for some candidates


Iowa could also deal Ben Carson, Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina a crucial blow if they fail to outperform their spot at the polls. But most experts believe they’ll hang on with enough financial resources to pray for a backup plan.

On the Democratic side, party members have long predicted that Martin O’Malley’s longshot bid is nearing its end. But as he faces such low expectations, Democratic strategists believe he’s a sure bet to stick around at least until New Hampshire and hope for a miracle

“For those that have the resources to hang in there, then there’s no reason to get out of the race, but cross your fingers that something happens on the campaign trail and puts the wind at your back,” said Ron Bonjean, a GOP strategist and former congressional leadership aide.

For Huckabee and Santorum, it’s a matter of money and poor polling.


Paul likens Trump to Gollum from ‘Lord of the Rings’


Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Wednesday likened fellow Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to the fictional character Gollum from “Lord of the Rings,” saying the GOP front-runner is motivated only by a thirst for power.

“One candidate on this national stage wants you to give him power,” Paul wrote on his Facebook page.

“He tells you he is rich, so he must be smart. If you give him power he claims he will fix America… This race should not be about who can grasp the ring. Electing Gollum should not be our objective. This race should be about which candidate will best protect you from an overbearing government.”

The fictional Gollum is a slimy and twisted character from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” fantasy novels who is driven mad by his never-ending quest to reclaim a ring that brings power to whoever possesses it.

Paul on Wednesday argued that Republican voters should look to the candidate who wants to take power away from the federal government, rather than one who wants it for himself.


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